What kind of water can I use in a steam iron to avoid mineral powder build-up?

I have an iron, of course, but when I iron my work clothes mineral powder comes out of the iron. I have figured out that much, what it is. It comes from using tap water, but what kind of water should I put into it to avoid that problem? Also, if you know, how do I clean out the mineral deposits already in it?


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    8 Responses to “What kind of water can I use in a steam iron to avoid mineral powder build-up?”

    1. Jewel says:

      Buy a bottle of distilled water from the grocery store and keep it for use in your iron.

      The clean out the mineral deposits in it, fill it with a solution of 1part white vinegar to 2 parts distilled water. Turn it on and let it steam for a while, then empty it out and run distiled water through it until you can’t smell vinegar anymore.

    2. veronica m says:

      Distilled water would be the type of water to use.

    3. ITeech68 says:

      You can clean out the existing deposits by cycling through some CLR


      and then cycling distilled water through the iron until it comes out clear (2-3 cycles).

      Continue to use distilled water in your iron after cleaning the stains out for your regular ironing chores and you shouldn’t have any more trouble with the mineral deposits.

      Also – as others have suggested you could use vinegar, but it is only truly effective if the deposits aren’t too heavy.

    4. James says:

      Distilled water. Try rinsing it with white vinegar to remove existing deposits.

    5. football hero says:

      you could use filtered water or water from a water softening system. That should do the trick! It also works good in kettles and helps stop limescale build up.

    6. Millycat says:

      Run it with some distilled vinegar in to to get rid of the calcium deposits, then only use filtered water in the future.

    7. juneaulady says:

      distilled or deionized water

    8. pigeonlegs says:

      You can buy a descaler from a supermarket or hardware store, just follow the instructions of use. They also sell water for ironing to.

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