I have an "iron steam" that doesn't work properly it doesn't emit any steam anymore what can I do?

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    7 Responses to “I have an "iron steam" that doesn't work properly it doesn't emit any steam anymore what can I do?”

    1. nellbelle7 says:

      You probably have hard water buildup or salt deposits in your steam compartment…and its malfunctioning.

      My iron’s steam compartment can be cleaned with a little bit of white vinegar…I fill up the chamber, let it sit for an hour, then empty it out.

      Check your owner’s manual to see what is recommended for your iron.

    2. Heather Honey says:

      buy a new one; they’re only $10….

    3. Sophie B says:

      Bet bet is throw it away and go buy a new one….

      priced at 9.99/ea and up at Wal-Mart…

    4. dalenjen says:

      did you check to see if it has water in it?

    5. mshonnie says:

      This is because it is plugged with calcium lime deposits you can easily fix this pour in and fill the resevoir with undiluted White Vinegar and turn on the iron until it starts to make a fizzle sound then turn it off and allow to sit for a few hours or over night then put in cold water and allow to heat up enough to where it will make some steam if should be making some steam by now if not then retreat with the undiluted vinegar explained above also when the iron is cool clean out the holes on the faceplate with a wire coat hanger that has been cut so you can use the end of the coat hanger like wire and poke out the limescale do all holes on the faceplate, then test your iron to see if it emits steam if not repeat the process once more, you might have to do this method several times in order to fix this problem you are having with your iron especially if you have never cleaned your iron of limescale and spray starches especially both these combined will block your iron and cause it to malfunction there is no need to throw away your iron and if you keep it clean with this method you will add years to your irons lifespan which in turn will save you money Good Luck !

    6. pixieotr says:

      what ever you decide to do, cleaning the old one or buying a new one, if you buy and use distilled water in your steam iron, you will never have this problem again.

    7. michael G says:

      Add more water.

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