How to clean and reseason rusty cast iron

Watch as Cottage Life’s deputy editor Martin Zibauer demonstrates how to clean the rust off of a cast iron Dutch oven and reseason it.

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    24 Responses to “How to clean and reseason rusty cast iron”

    1. Carol Thomas says:

      As? for using elbow grease, I cheated….I had mine professionally sandblasted.

    2. CreamOfWeber says:

      Yeah… you cheated yourself? out of money. Since professional sandblasting costs more than a new oven.

    3. Carol Thomas says:

      Not really, they? only charged me $10.00

    4. CreamOfWeber says:

      Oh. Good deal then.?

    5. email16v says:

      Good? job dude

    6. alfamax4562 says:

      People… use your brains… no “elbow grease” needed. Put some vinegar (acetic acid) and? rust comes out right up. Basic high school chemistry.

    7. ladyofeverwood says:

      thank you so much! this video was exactly what i? was looking for. I just found (today!) an old cast iron dutch oven that had sat outside over a few winters and the woman who owned it was throwing it out. i rescued it from the garbage and i wanted to learn what was necessary to restore it. it’s beautiful, and it will be a labor of love, but i’m willing to do it! thank you so much!

    8. James Hershey says:

      This is not exactly the way I would clean cast iron cookware and I’ve no idea what kind of damage this person is doing to his stainless steel sink banging around in his sink a heavy iron dutch oven. I suggest you look at youtube: “How to clean cast iron? with electrolsis. Let me know how your project comes out

    9. Todd Gorla says:

      I have never nor will I ever use any kind of soap in my cast iron. there are much better ways? to clean the rust out if you neglect your cast iron. Apple cider vinager is one.

    10. DobermansRock says:

      Put good work into it because you found a treasure. One man/womans trash really is anothers treasure. Go look up the prices on American? made Dutch ovens. Your find and honest work will make you that much happier. God bless.

    11. 1990wildman says:

      You don’t use soap on cast iron.?

    12. SweetDiversions says:

      NEVER NEVER use soap on your cast iron cookware. There is absolutely no need for it and it gets into the pores of the iron, very bad for taste. If you want to use steel wool they do make steel wool w/o soap. That’s what most Chinese resturant cooks use to clean cast iron or carbon steel woks. You can also use oil & salt (for abrasion) to clean it.? The only tip you gave that was worth while is the fact that it is best to season with many thin layers instead of one or two with too much oil used.

    13. Expert1911 says:

      Those who say “NEVER” to use soap on cast iron are wrong. It IS best to simply wipe it down and leave a thin protective layer, but not much short of a belt sander is going to hurt that seasoning (avoid steel wool, the salt is a solid idea). And no, the soap will not get into the pores because the cast iron is already sealed up with that black seasoning. When to use soap? When? the coating oil is rancid or de-glazing with water hasn’t cleaned your pan 100%. Always leave a thin coat of oil.

    14. Expert1911 says:

      I have had amazing overnight success with the home electrolysis method.? Put in the vat overnight and 100% rust free in the morning.
      richsoil cast-iron

      rickswoodshopcreations Miscellaneous/Rust_Removal

    15. sue200012 says:

      Great tips here, thanks everyone.?

    16. ExclusiveLM says:

      If you are a man or a male of any age DO NOT eat food cooked in a cast iron pot or skillet of any kind. Iron pots slowly but surely release iron? into the food cooked on it and especially when iron pots are washed and scrubbed with abrasive metal scrubbers. Iron in your blood stream causes prostate cancer. Women don’t have prostates so they don’t have to worry. Also, no human should cook with plastic AND teflon coated cookware. Those 2 things give cancer. Ask me more

    17. wildflowernoris says:

      Great video…..I love cast? iron!

    18. fantasyreflection says:

      Why do this? in the house, it stinks something awful. Why not use the bar b cue outside?

    19. ihatesquirrel13 says:

      were you using soap? ? never use soap on cast iron

    20. ihatesquirrel13 says:

      you dont not use soap because it will hurt? it, its because it can, not saying will, can flavor your pan.

    21. TheMrKrause says:


    22. Bassbuster22 says:

      say what you want but I’ve used soap on my cast iron for years without a problem….the same pice going on over 30 years. Just rinse it well with hot water and wiped dry immediately and wipe with canoloa oil immediately after that. Then reseason and you’re good to go. I’ll be the first to admit I wish I hadn’t? made the mistake that put me in the situation requiring the measures but stuff happens………

    23. mh3rdwheel says:

      Hi everyone. I had to comment on this video, for the last 5 years we have cooked strickly with cast iron (dutch ovens big? and small, skillets, griddles, etc.). We were given some really rusty cast iron dutch oven the kind you put over an open fire (one weighed around 75 lbs and the other 35 lbs) they were really rust, my husband wired wheeled the dutch oven to get the rust off, then he used a scouring pad and some water, cleaned it good. rinsed put it upside done on our electric stove. (cont)

    24. mh3rdwheel says:

      upside down to dry it good then flip it over to dry more. Then get the lard out of the pantry, get a rag and dip the rag into the lard and wipe the skillet or whatever with the rag then let set for a few minutes then put? with the rest of the skillets, this takes less time and never fails.

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