How long should you let carpet dry after steam cleaning/shampooing?

I need to deep clean my daughter’s closet. The carpet is medium length plush carpet. It’s not flat carpet but it’s not the real high stuff either. I have a Bissell Proheat 2x that I bought back in May. It uses heated water. How long should I wait before putting her toys and stuff back in the closet?

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5 Responses to “How long should you let carpet dry after steam cleaning/shampooing?”

  1. Levi. Not the Jeans says:

    You must wait until the Carpet is completely dry before returning any wood or metal objects onto the carpet. Other then that if your put anything cardboard or plastic back onto the area it will not damage the carpet but will get the items wet. Wood and metal leave permanent stains on wet carpet( Wood leaves Varnish stains, and metal will rust on the surface of your rug). other then that you dont have much to worry about.

  2. Maryn Bittner says:

    It’s not a matter of time at all.

    Wait until the carpet is completely, fully dry, however long that takes. You can speed it up with increased air flow, like fans.

  3. maureen c says:

    first, be careful not to over-wet the carpet as that will get the underlay wet, which can lead to mildew and mold. be sure to go over and over it with the wand that sucks up the water to extract the most water possible. then, if you have any fans or floor heaters, set them in the doorway to blow on the carpet. the best way to test if it’s dry is to step on it or to press hard with your hand…the weight will bring any mositure to the surface. also,. be sure tio vacuum after it’s dry to get soap residue out.

  4. extex_cop says:

    May sure you use the least amount of water you can…the more water that soaks through the pad to the floor below it…takes a long time to dry. You can also go to a hardware or even Walmart store and buy the little tubs that are filled with a white granular chemical. It pulls the moisture out of the air and lets the water drop into cup below… just need to empty it every day until there is no more water in the bottom cup.

  5. detroiter1967 says:

    Depends on your cleaner I believe the proheat has a builtin system that dries as u go check ur instructions if no instructions maybe it’ll indicate it on the box. Most of them say 3-4 hrs. but it varies depending on ur unit and carpet. Sometimes u can run over the same area w/o spraying the trigger and it’ll suck up the remaining h2o left behind w/ just a few strokes. U’ll definitely want to make sure it’s completely dry b4 placing any items especially heavy items back in their place can cause mildew to set in underneath the surface that can cause fungus and breathing probs. down the rd.

    good luck! hope this helped.

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