How do you get rid of pet odor in your carpet when steam cleaning it only provides temporary relief?

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9 Responses to “How do you get rid of pet odor in your carpet when steam cleaning it only provides temporary relief?”

  1. Mary G says:

    Those who say you never really can get it out are correct.

    Something I have done that works FAIRLY well is this: Use some kind of cleaner, like Mr. Clean mixed with water, and pour it right on the spots…. suck it up with the carpet shampooer… do this about a zillion times, and it really does seem to help. We have wood floors and a basement, so I feel that the air can circulate enough to dry the carpet and pad thoroughly…. I would NOT recommend this for those with concrete floors.

  2. maxi says:

    getting your pet out of the house should help.

  3. signman_03743 says:

    the steam cleaning is ONLY cleaning the top surface of the carpet…not the back of the carpet or the padding underneath. To steam it enough to get that far down you’d be soaking the floor and it would start to rot instead!
    IF you can pull the carpet up, you can steam it from the back-which by the way is NOT going to get rid of smell…only the germs…but the padding will have to be replaced. Can’t get pet smells out of the synthetic padding.
    If there is no padding underneath, get a bottle of OdoBan (we buy it only at Sam’s Club-haven’t found it anywhere else). this stuff is amazing…gets rid of ALL odors without bleaching, ammonia, none of that. Doesn’t take much at all!
    There is also a product you can buy at Pet Stores for removing urine smells and stains-but it is a lot more expensive.
    OdoBan is so great-friend of ours had a taxi company-bought a used vehicle at auction and found out too late that someone had died in it and was left there for days…the odor was sooo bad. We gave him a bottle of it, he sprayed the interior several times until he could stand getting in it-then washed it down with a solution of OdoBan and water…and never had the smell again.
    True! but from then on he asked what the car was being auctioned for first!

  4. janetpmwilliams says:


  5. Tigger says:

    If the odor is coming back after you steam-clean your carpet, get rid of the carpet and the padding: They would both have been soaked. In fact, you may want to seal the floor under the carpet with something like Kilz too, since the urine would have soaked into the flooring as well.

  6. donna d says:

    add some vinager to your steam cleaner and do your carpets again.instead of adding the shampoo to your steam cleaner add vinager instead that will take care of any odors plus clean your carpets.

  7. cole says:

    tell ya what. I have a dog that had a lot of trouble with peeing in the house. I have tried everything from having the carpet cleaned to cleaning it myself after every "oops" as well as all those chemicals taht you can clean with that are supposed to take the "odors" out.. Yeah nothing works! I am in the process right now of taking out all my carpet, and really didn’t know how bad it was or how much my dog had accidents until I ripped it up! Seriously honey. Nothing can get that crap or the smell out of your carpet better then getting rid of your carpet! It’s not the easiest thing to do by far or the most inexpensive but it’s really all about getting the odor out… Once your dog pees somewhere he is gonna pee there again, it doesn’t matter if you clean it out really really well. the odor is in the pad!
    I wish you the best of Luck

  8. a1cat.rm says:

    I use a 10-25% white vinegar to water solution and I spray the spot until very damp and let dry. This works well on cat and baby pee. I keep it on hand at all times now that we are potty training our eldest son. The house will smell of vinegar for about a day then there will be no smell.

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