How do I collapse this stupid ironing board?

My friend borrowed my ironing board (which I’ve never used) and left it in the folded-out position. I’m trying to clean my room but I can’t fold it flat again! The legs seem to be locked, and there’s a weird little handle at the base of one of them (the one which is supposed to slide, I think) but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

It’s a mainstays ironing board from wal-mart.

I’m so frustrated! Why couldn’t my friend just put it away after she used it?

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2 Responses to “How do I collapse this stupid ironing board?”

  1. Nurse Diesel says:

    Usually on the underside of the board, there is a little lever, push it towards the board, and it will collapse. It often is just a little metal rod that sticks out at an angle, or it might be bent to make a little handle. It’s also usually painted the same color as the board which makes it harder to see.

    It is usually placed about midway down the length of the board, and on the right hand side.

  2. RanaBanana says:

    Mine has a button under it that you press and it will collapse.

    Haven’t seen the ones from Walmart.

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