Carpet cleaning without a steam cleaner?

What product can i use that is as effective as steam cleaning and i can on all the carpet in my house, but is cheaper?? Maybe a vaccum powder or something of that nature.. something easy to

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    5 Responses to “Carpet cleaning without a steam cleaner?”

    1. William B says:

      rent a rug doctor at a drug store,
      it will do a great job on them

    2. Deb says:

      Do not use any of those products.They leave a soap film on your carpet and it will end up looking dirtier a few days later.There is no better way of cleaning carpet then to have them professionally cleaned with next to no soap at all and the hottest water. I tried the same thing before and paid the price. It took 2 professional cleanings to get the dirt out of my carpet because I used those spray and vac products. Check around with local companies. This time of year they offer great deals of having rooms cleaned. What could be easier the to have someone else clean them for you?

    3. A.J. says:

      Shop around for a good carpet cleaner. Some are not too expensive, and do good work. Ask your neighbors and friends. My neighbor gave a great reference to me, 90$ and they did my entire 2 story 2 bedroom townhouse. Ask around.

    4. Herbie says:

      The cheapest option is to use a carpet shampoo and scrub them on your hands and knees. Believe me this is very tiring but it does work. The most effective DIY is to hire a shampooing machine, which also works very well and is quicker! I think I prefer this to steam cleaning as the powerful suction of the machine gets out a lot of gritty particles you didn”t know were there, whereas steam cleaning simply cleans the fibres. . Powder isn’t suitable for major cleaning jobs, though it does remove some of the dirt. Remember that cheap and easy is usually also not very effective.

    5. NJ Devils Girl :) says:

      I agree with Willaim B. I used the Rug doctor and my carpet looked brand new. They are not that costly $25 at the most to rent it. Maybe you can go on rug doctors website maybe they have a coupon.

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